Results with purpose - Japanese Case studies (For job seekers in digital marketing) -

Fri, 19 Sep 2014 17:00 - 19:00 JST


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Results with purpose

Japanese Case studies (For job seekers in digital marketing)

*Due to high popularity, we prepare 5 additional seats. *

The Web Analytics Consultants Association will host a seminar and a networking party for people in the web industry.


  1. How can you drive your business for success using web marketing methods?
  2. What skill set do you need to succeed in the web industry?

The answer is web analytics

Web analytics is somewhat similar to corporate accounting.
As businesses need accounting to make profit, they also need web analytics to make their activities on the web successful.

In our seminar, attendees will join workshop-style exercises and learn …

  1. What the companies have in common when they fail on the web
  2. The reasons why web-based industries might become incapable of making money
  3. Methods to understand customer sentiment and make use of it in business

We will host a networking party after this seminar during which we will serve Japanese premium Sake (Japanese rice wine deemed as being the best of the best) and Japanese whiskey for you to relax while talking to new people.

Certifications programs will start from October

From next month we will start our certification courses in English in Singapore.
As a special offer, you can join our advanced course for FREE within this year.
(The list price of the course is US$ 800)

Once certified as a senior consultant, you will be entitled to join our master course for FREE within this year as well. WACA masters can host our courses as instructors.

Once you become a WACA Senior Consultant, you can lead web marketing projects. After becoming a WACA master, you can teach web analytics in full confidence.

More than 8000 people have taken our courses in Japan and a lot of big businesses use our programs for their employee training.

Please come and join our seminar and give us your feedback.

We also want to learn from you!

About us

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  • Association : April 2012
  • Certificate program : September 2010

Main activities

  • Provide Education programs in the field of web analytics
  • Job search assistance for members
  • Organization of seminars and training courses

Accumulated number of training course attendees

  • 8000 (July 2014)


Our goal is to make a large pool of digital marketing professionals who are capable of helping businesses in any industry develop.
Our representative and professor Mr Ejiri (Current director of the association) established the association to make a business environment where people can have access to business opportunities with the knowledge of web analytics.

3 levels of WACA Certified Web Analytics Consultant

  1. Web Analytics consultant : capable of handling web analytics data
  2. Senior Web Analytics consultant : capable of giving web analytics consultancy services together with business analysis
  3. Master Web Analytics Consultant : for people who want to become trainers to new consultants

Code of conduct

  • Commit to business and industry development
  • Customers are always first
  • Handle any set of data while avoiding narrowing its range down only to access logs
  • Put equal importance both on field practice and off-the-job learning
  • Keep customer information in confidence but share field experiences when possible

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ウェブ解析士協会 WACA【公式】

ウェブ解析士協会 WACA【公式】

「ウェブ解析士」とは、ウェブマーケティングの知識・スキルを習得するための基盤となる「ウェブ解析」について「体系的に学べる環境」「スキルの評価基準」を設け、必要な能力や知識を身に着けられる資格です。 「ウェブ解析士」の認定機関であるウェブ解析士協会は、スキルアップの機会として各種セミナーを企画・開催しています。 【開催スタイル、キャンセル・返金など】 各回ごとに主催、開催スタイルが異なり...

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