The Possibilities Toolbox "12 Keys to Self-leadership and an Unstoppable Team Anywhere on Earth"

Wed, 25 Nov 2020 19:00 - 21:00
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Intelligence, education, and experience don’t guarantee results. Gallup estimates that about 70% of employees are not engaged in their work. About 90% of managers aren't focusing on their organization’s most important work, and over 80% of global teams judge themselves as “unsuccessful. Obviously there’s a giant chasm between knowing how to do something and doing it. Better technology and smarter people won’t bridge this gap. The biggest challenges we face in working effectively, and working together, are attributable to our human nature.

Most failures are entirely predictable and avoidable, and can be overcome by following these principles with discipline. Stop! Think! Organize! Plan! 🡪 Big WHY – Big WHO – Big WHAT – Big HOW . . . and THEN . . GO! Kimberly says” All of my professional life I’ve been striving to master these human skills, sometimes disparagingly referred to as ‘touchy-feely’. Finally I’ve created a ‘mindset toolkit’ that makes these concepts succinct, accessible, and learnable.”

The 12 heuristics in this toolkit are based on neuroscience common to human beings globally, and form a concrete strategy for achieving what seems impossible, but is merely difficult. They are:

∙ Perception is Not Reality.
∙ Complex is Not Complicated.
∙ There is No Box – Except in Our Minds.
∙ Replace Judgment with Curiosity.
∙ Impossible is Merely Difficult
∙ Change Feels Uncomfortable
∙ Different is Not Deficient.
∙ Collaboration Beats Competition.
∙ Creativity is Risky & Messy.
∙ Most Failure is Avoidable.
∙ Make Mistakes & Fail Forward
∙ Lead From Any Chair.

These 12 tools have the power to transform ourselves, our teams, and the results we achieve together. Let’s apply these tools – and ourselves – to the greatest challenge of our time, solving the problems of Our World.

Never one to lecture, Kimberly facilitates lively and engaging “learning laboratories”. You will leave this workshop equipped with practical techniques that you can immediately apply to achieve significantly better results.
Kimberly Wiefling helps organizations achieve what SEEMS impossible, but is merely difficult. How? By turning managers into leaders and groups of people into real teams.

A TECHNOLOGIST with HUMAN SKILLS: A physicist by education, she realized long ago the limits of technology devoid of human skills – the so-called “touchy feely” aspects of working in teams so vital to success, and so frequently overlooked.

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