[2/7 (Friday) | Tokyo] You can do it for free! The forefront of SEO and e-commerce!

Fri, 07 Feb 2020 19:00 - 21:00

Marunouchi Oazo (Marunouchi Kitaguchi Building) 17th floor meeting room

17th floor, Marunouchi Kitaguchi Building, 1-6-5 Marunouchi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 100-0005


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【通常(~2/7)】一般 ¥2,000 prepaid
Web analyst discount ¥1,500 prepaid
【通常+低糖質パン「フスボン」のサンドイッチ(~2/7)】一般 ¥3,000 prepaid
【ウェブ解析士割引+低糖質パン「フスボン」のサンドイッチ(~2/7)】 ¥2,500 prepaid
Early discount ¥1,500 prepaid
【早割+低糖質パン「フスボン」のサンドイッチ(~1/10)】一般 ¥2,500 prepaid
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I'm using WordPress but attracting customers doesn't work ...
I want to start an EC site, but I can't decide any cart because the balance between function and price is bad.
I want to improve the web page that leads to CV, but can I make improvements that rely on intuition?

A must-see seminar for such people.
Introducing WordPress structured markup using plug-ins such as the installation and usage of carts using WooCommerce and AMP support from the introduction of WordPress!
We provide comprehensive methods and useful tools that can be put into practice immediately, such as methods for measuring user behavior data that cannot be obtained simply by installing Google Analytics, and efficient reporting using a data portal.

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